Hong Kong Team Completed the Junior World Orienteering Championships

Hong Kong Team Completed the Junior World Orienteering Championships

Hong Kong Team has finished all the programs in Junior World Orienteering Championships 2022 (JWOC), some athletes will stay in Europe preparing for the upcoming World University Orienteering Championships in Switzerland.


Middle and Long Distance events were cancelled due to several wildfire in Portugal. The IOF Council has unanimously decided to add the Sprint Relay as an official Medal Race at the JWOC 2022 immediately. The organizer also decided to organize an extra leisure Urban Relay event for all JWOC competitors.


Mr. Francis KO, Team Manager cum Coach said, “Although the plan was interrupted, our athletes are optimistic when facing those uncertainties. I must say they have a strong heart and perform well which is above my expectation. I believe the experience they go through would be a motivation for better improvement in foreseeable future.”


The Junior World Orienteering Championships 2023 will be held in Romania. Let’s send our blessing to Hong Kong Team for having better performance in next year.


The Result of Junior World Orienteering Championships 2022:



Ying Yau Chu – 20:27

Wing Man – 21:15

Hoi Yan Lo – 23:23

Yi Shan Wong – 23:43



Kai Yui Hubert Yam – 19:42

Joshua Ho Kiu Au – 20:05

Ho Yin Chung – 21:38

Chung Yin To – 23:42


Sprint Relay

HKG Team 2 : 1:27:28

Yi Shan Wong – 22:20 (Leg 1)

Ho Yin Chung – 18:24 (Leg 2)

Chung Yin To – 23:01 (Leg 3)

Hoi Yan Lo – 23:43 (Leg 4)


HKG Team 1 : mp

Wing Man – mp (Leg 1)

Joshua Ho Kiu Au – 18:44 (Leg 2)

Kai Yui Hubert Yam – 19:38 (Leg 3)

Ying Yau Chu – 20:53 (Leg 4)


Urban Relay (Non-Medal Format)

Women Team - HKG Team 1:1:23:19

Yi Shan Wong – 28:15 (Leg 1)

Wing Man – 27:14 (Leg 2)

Ying Yau Chu – 27:50 (Leg 3)


Men Team - HKG Team 1:1:05:03

Joshua Ho Kiu Au – 20:50 (Leg 1)

Ho Yin Chung – 20:52 (Leg 2)

Kai Yui Hubert Yam – 23:21 (Leg 3)


HKG/NED Mixed Team:1:19:42

Anouk van der Burgt (Netherlands) – 24:19 (Leg 1)

Hoi Yan Lo – 31:10 (Leg 2)

Chung Yin To – 24:13 (Leg 3)

PS : Mixed Team grouped due to lack of participants









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