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Disclaimer Notice

Eventor World (https://hongkong.eventorworld.org/Events) is a platform provided by OAHK to our members and the public for orienteering events. OAHK is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for, any kind of injury or death resulting from the event organized by Affiliated/Associated Club.

Principle of using Eventor World

The executive committee of the Orienteering Association of Hong Kong China has decided, events posted on Eventor World by OAHK affiliate club and associated club shall fulfil the following requirements:

i. The event shall be opened to public;
ii. The event is orienteering in nature;
iii. The event is held in Hong Kong;
iv. The applicant shall be a registered OAHK affiliate club or associated club;
v. The event shall be organised by the applicant;
vi. The contact person must hold valid OAHK membership;
vii. Event information on Eventor World must be kept up to date;
viii. If the event is an online event (non-physical event), please put [Online Event] before the event name;
ix. OAHK organised events will be announced on Eventor World no later than 6 months of the event date to avoid conflicting time schedule with Club registered events (For the same type of event, i.e. same format: Foot Orienteering Competition);
x. Consultation shall be made for any exceptional cases;
xi. All users of Eventor shall use this platform honestly in good faith and for proper purpose. The OAHK reserves all its rights to take action, including legal action, against any user found to have used this platform for an improper purpose or to further any malicious and/or illegal acts.


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