Map List

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CodeNameScalePrinting FormatUpdated SinceCost
1aAberdeen Country Park1:7,500Digital 2013$10
1bAberdeen Country Park (Aberdeen Reservoirs)1:10,000Digital 2015$10
1cAberdeen Country Park1:4,000Digital 2016$10
1dAberdeen Country Park1:5,000Digital 2013$10
2aAh Kai Shan 1:5,000Digital 2014$10
2bAh Kai Shan 1:7,500Digital 2011$10
2cAh Kai Shan 1:10,000Digital 2018$10
3Black Hill1:10,000Digital 2016$10
4Braemar Hill1:10,000Offset2017$10
5Butterfly Beach Park1:4,000Digital 2015$10
6aCarpender Park1:2,500Digital 2017$10
6bCarpender Park & Kowloon Walled City Park1:4,000Digital 2021$10
7Central Kwai Chung Park1:2,000Digital 2018$10
8aCheung Ngau Shan1:4,000Digital 2023$10
8bCheung Ngau Shan1:10,000Digital 2019$10
9aCheung Sheung1:10,000Offset2014$15
9bCheung Sheung1:15,000Offset2014$15
10Fa Shan1:10,000Digital 2019$10
11Fanling Wan1:4,000Offset2014$10
12Ha Fa Shan1:10,000Digital 2021$10
13Hong Kong Golf Club(Fanling) 1:4,000Digital 2021$10
14aKowloon Park1:2,500Digital 2017$10
14bKowloon Park1:4,000Digital 2021$10
15Kowloon Tsai Park1:4,000Digital 2015$10
16aLai Chi Kok Park1:2,000Offset2012$10
16bLai Chi Kok Park1:3,000Digital 2018$10
16cLai Chi Kok Park1:4,000Digital 2020$10
17Lamma Island1:10,000Digital 2017$10
18Lamma Island Outdoor Centre1:4,000Digital 2021$10
19Lion Nature Education Centre1:4,000Digital 2022$10
20Lo Fu Tau1:10,000Digital 2006$10
21Lo Tsai Shek / Wan Tsai1:10,000Digital 2006$10
22Lo Tsai Shek1:10,000Digital 2003$10
23Lou Fu Tau& Wong Kung Tin 1:10,000Digital 2006$10
24Luk Chau Au1:7,500Offset2012$13
25Luk Chau Shan 1:10,000Digital 2012$10
26Ma On Shan Park 1:1,500Digital 2011$10
27Ma Wan 1:4,000Digital 2021$10
28Mui Wo1:7,500Digital 2008$10
29Ngau Liu1:10,000Digital 2013$10
30Ngau Liu and Pak Shek Kiu1:10,000Digital 2023$10
31North District Park 1:2,500Digital 2017$10
32aNgong Ping, Lantau1:10,000Offset2012$10
32bNgong Ping, Lantau1:10,000Digital 2015$10
33aNgong Ping, Sai Kung 1:5,000Digital 2008$10
33bNgong Ping, Sai Kung 1:10,000Offset2015$10
34aPai Tau Hang 1:7,500Digital 2017$10
34bPai Tau Hang 1:10,000Digital 2017$10
35Pak Shek Kiu / Fa Shan / Ngau Liu1:10,000Digital 2017$10
36Pak Shing Kok 1:10,000Digital 2023$10
37Pak Tam Au1:10,000Digital 2010$10
38Pak Tam Chung1:10,000Digital 2016$10
39aPeng Chau1:2,500Digital 2004$10
39bPeng Chau1:4,000Digital 2011$10
39cPeng Chau1:5,000Offset2013$15
39dPeng Chau1:7,500Digital 2011$10
40Po Kong Village Road Park & Hammer Hill Park 1:4,000Digital 2021$10
41Quarry Bay Park1:4,000Digital 2021$10
42Sai Kung Outdoor Recreation Centre 1:2,000Digital 2017$10
43Sai Kung Town Centre1:2,500Digital 2019$10
44Science Park 1:4,000Digital 2015$10
45Shek Lung Kung1:10,000Offset2012$11
46Shek Wu Hui Jockey Club Playground 1:1,500Digital 2017$10
47Shing Mun Valley 1:3,000Digital 2017$10
48Siu Sai Wan Park 1:2,000Digital 2013$10
49Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park 1:2,000Digital 2018$10
50aTai Po WaterFront Park 1:2,500Digital 2015$10
50bTai Po WaterFront Park 1:4,000Digital 2015$10
50cTai Po WaterFront Park 1:2,000Digital 2006$10
51Tai Tong1:10,000Digital 2019$10
52The Call of the Wolf1:10,000Digital 2004$10
53Tin Shui Wai Park1:4,000Digital 2013$10
54Tin Shui Wan (West) 1:4,000Digital 2023$10
55 Tung Chung North Park 1:2,500Digital 2019$10
56aTung Wan Tau 1:10,000Digital 2022$10
56bTung Wan Tau1:7,500Digital 2006$10
56cTung Wan Tau1:10,000Digital 2005$10
57aVelodrome Park 1:2,500Digital 2017$10
57bVelodrome Park 1:4,000Digital 2022$10
58Wai Chai 1:10,000Digital 2010$10
59Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village 1:3,000Digital 2023$10
60Yuen Long Park 1:2,000Digital 2018$10
61Yuen Tun 1:10,000Digital 2018$10
62Wan Tsai, Sai Kung 1:10,000Digital 2018$10

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