Training and Development

Youth Promotion Scheme(YPS)


  • To promote orienteering to youth (age 12-18)
  • To enrich youth’s knowledge on orienteering.


Scheme Content:

  1. Orienteering Association Level 1 & 2 training course: Introduce orienteering and teach orienteering navigation techniques
  2. Participating competitions: Make use of learned techniques and experience orienteering competition
  3. Promote to Development Squad: Outstanding participants are nominated to Development Squad and have chance to represent Hong Kong in the future

Certificate Orienteering Training

There are 4 level stage of certifying orienteering training programme:

Participants must possess the certificate of the previous stage to proceed to the later stages.

All registered training course must be conducted by registered coach with the course syllabus.

Any organization wishing to organize training courses, please contact OAHK or clubs.

OAHK also provide training, squads and local competitions for children and youth.

Level 1 Course Syllabus

Level 2 Course Syllabus

Notice of Coach Ratio


Young Athletes Training Scheme


  • Foster youngsters’ interest in orienteering
  • Improve youngsters’ orienteering techniques
  • Practice youngsters in sportsmanship
  • Spot potential youngsters through systematic training and promote them to Development Squad

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School Sports Programme (SSP)

Orienteering is an excellent outdoor sport activity for student. School is also a strong base in providing future elite athletes and officials.
Therefore OAHK established the School Orienteering Group (SOG), which formed by at least three individual members from the affiliated clubs and chaired by the School Orienteering Secretary, to develop and coordinate orienteering activities in schools.

The School Sports Programme (SSP) is a sports promotion scheme organised by various National Sports Associations (NSAs) and subvented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). The SSP is co-ordinated and implemented by the LCSD, and co-organised by the Education Bureau (EDB), the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). The SSP targets at all primary, secondary and special school students in Hong Kong. Its activities are organised in line with the daily schedule of schools to enable students to participate in the activities in their schools during their leisure time.

Event Organizer Course


1. To enrich the knowledge on HK orienteering rules

2. To enhacnce the organization skills of local compeition 

3. To enhance the communication between different parties

4. To ensure the race run with safety, fair, competitively

Participants completed the course as Registered Event Organiser.

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