Hong Kong Team Completed the World Trail Orienteering Championships

Date: 2022-08-15
Event Details

After a week of sports rivalry, Hong Kong Team has completed the World Trail Orienteering Championships 2022 (WTOC). The Relay format commanded the attention that Hong Kong Team finished as 18th places which is the best results in Asia this year.

Mr. LIANG Chi Hang, the team captain said “After joining the Pre WTOC, our team has visited every checkpoints and reviewed the courses, even the rocks and stones, which bonded a strong team relationships. It enhanced our confidences to achieve a well performance in WTOC this year. The various ages in the team is a great example of imparting skills to our younger athletes.”

As Trail Orienteering is at development stage in Hong Kong, it is believed the competition experience will facilitate the Trail Orienteering development in long-term future.


The Result of World Trail Orienteering Championships 2022

TrailO Relay:
HKG Team: 790s (18th)
Tse Lok Hin
Liang Chi Hang
Tsang Michael Chun Chi

Tse Lok Hin (TC:395 - Heat A 25th)
Liang Chi Hang (TC:455 - Heat A 36th)
Poon Tsz Ming (TC:587 - Heat B 50th)
Tsang Michael Chun Chi (TC:615 - Heat A 47th)
Ko Hiu Man Sophie (TC:661 - Heat B 53rd)
Cheng Po Yi (TC:860 - Heat B 55th)

Tse Lok Hin (Pts:59, TC:161 ; 71st)
Liang Chi Hang (Pts:55, TC:287 ; 87th)
Tsang Michael Chun Chi (Pts:44, TC:430 ; 125th)
Ko Hiu Man Sophie (Pts:40, TC:215 ; 132nd)
Poon Tsz Ming (Pts:39, TC:199 ; 135th)
Cheng Po Yi (Pts:35, TC:211 ; 142nd)

港隊完成WTOC 冀望沿徑定向有更好發展

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