Hong Kong Team Completed the FISU World University Championship Orienteering

Hong Kong Team Completed the FISU World University Championship Orienteering

After the five-day competitions, the FISU World University Championship Orienteering (WUOC) was completed in Switzerland. All the Hong Kong athletes have finished the competitions and arrived in Hong Kong in August.

'Practice makes perfect.' We hope the Hong Kong team athletes can gain something from the competitions and be better and stronger when joining championships in the future! We would also like to express our thankfulness to the coach for the guidance and caring all the time and look forward to the orienteering development getting superior.

‘Due to the uncertainty of anti-epidemic measures, all the training and competitions have been affected and restricted to a certain extent. Thank you to all athletes and the coaches whom dedication and cooperation were the most important factors to complete the competition smoothly and successfully. I hope we can lead the Hong Kong team to improve together continuously. Most of our runners performed great in WUOC as expected, especially at the sprint replay. I believe they have a huge improvement on their physical fitness and orienteering skills after experiencing the foreign environment and rules.’, said by Mr. Stanley CHAN, The Team Manager of WUOC.

The Result of FISU World University Championship Orienteering

WONG Tsz Chun Jason – 14:36
LI Chun Ho – 14:57
WONG Cheuk Wang – 15:36
CHUNG Ho Yin – 16:34

LAM Cho Yu – 14:32
CHU Ying Yau – 15:10
MAN Wing – 15:32
WONG Yi Shan – 18:06

Long Distance
WONG Tsz Chun Jason – 1:59:50
CHUNG Ho Yin – 2:11:07
WONG Cheuk Wang – 2:18:10
LI Chun Ho – 2:26:52

LAM Cho Yu – 1:49:31
CHU Ying Yau– 1:52:42
WONG Yi Shan – 2:04:19
MAN Wing – 2:07:31

Sprint Relay – 1:03:26
LAM Cho Yu(Leg 1)– 15:23
WONG Tsz Chun Jason(Leg 2)– 15:27
LI Chun Ho(Leg 3)– 16:06
CHU Ying Yau(Leg4)– 16:30

Middle Distance
WONG Tsz Chun Jason – 54:07
LI Chun Ho – 55:06
CHUNG Ho Yin – 59:22
WONG Cheuk Wang – 1:04:09

LAM Cho Yu – 50:01
WONG Yi Shan – 53:07
CHU Ying Yau – 55:12
MAN Wing – Mispunched

Men – 3:22:33
WONG Tsz Chun Jason(Leg 1) – 58:47
LI Chun Ho(Leg 2) – 1:21:02
CHUNG Ho Yin(Leg 3) – 1:02:44

Women – 2:55:05
LAM Cho Yu(Leg 1) – 51:38
WONG Yi Shan(Leg 2) – 1:04:41
CHU Ying Yau(Leg 3) – 58:46


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