Affiliated & Associate Clubs

There are two categories of Club Affiliation: 1) Affiliated Club and 2) Associate Club.

  • Both the Affiliated Clubs and Associate Clubs shall have the right to attend the Council Meeting and General Meeting.
  • Members registered either through the Affiliated Clubs or Associate Clubs can attend the training provided by OAHK, registering as Coaches/ Event Organizers and represent Hong Kong to take part in any international orienteering events etc.
  • Only the Affiliated Clubs have the right to vote at General Meeting.
  • Only Full Members of Affiliated Clubs may be appointed to the Executive Committee.
2AAApex Action Limited
4BBHKThe Boys’ Brigade, Hong Kong
5BPSOCBelilios Public School Orienteering Club
6DGSOCDiocesan Girls’ School Orienteering Club
7FOCHong Kong Family Orienteering Club
8HKAYPThe Hong Kong Award for Young People
9HKIOFHong Kong Island Orienteering Force
10HKOCHong Kong Orienteering Club
11HKOXCCHong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club
12LSCOCLa Salle College Orienteering Club
13METOCMetropolitan Orienteering Club
15NDOCNew Direction Orienteering Club
16OBAAOutward Bound (Alumni) Association of Hong Kong
17OSOrienteering Seeds
18PAOCPro-Active Orienteering Club
19PCOCPui Ching Middle School Orienteering Club
20POCHong Kong Police Orienteering Club
21QCOCQueen’s College Orienteering Club
22SOCScout Orienteering Club
23VOCVolunteers Orienteering Club
24WYCHKWah Yan Orienteering Club
25YAOCYouth Advance Orienteering Club
26Y2YY2Y Orienteering Development and Training Center
1CASCivil Aid Service
2CSDSACorrectional Services Department Sports Association
3DBSOCDiocesan Boys’ School Orienteering Club
4FOAFootprint Orienteering Association
5FSOAGHong Kong Fire Services Outdoor Activity Group
6HEAHKHealth & Exercise Association Of Hong Kong
7KSSALTDKittiwake Social Service Association Limited
8M&SMountain & Stream
9MKMOCPo Leung Kuk Ma Kam Ming College Orienteering Club
10OLEOther Learning Experience Club
11PLKCWCOCPLK C W Chu College Orienteering Club
12STOCStartrail Orienteering Association
13SFXCOCSt. Francis Xavier College Orienteering Club
14SKHTSTOCSKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School Orienteering Club
15YWPSOCYing Wa Primary School Orienteering Club