Brilliant Stephanie Cilnched the best HK Team Result in JWOC Long Distance

Date: 2022-11-08
Brilliant Stephanie Cilnched the best HK Team Result in JWOC Long Distance

Due to the wildfire, the Junior World Orienteering Championship -Forest, has been rescheduled to 4-6 November 2022 in Aguiar da Beira. After the 3-days event, Hong Kong Team accomplished an outstanding performance, especially Stephanie Chu, who has accomplished the long-distance event with the position of 80, which is the Hong Kong’s best results ever.


‘Although the JWOC has delayed to November because of the wildfire, I’m appreciated for the opportunity and arrangement that OAHK and team coaches offered. Also, I’m glad that I have a good team. Thanks to Hubert, Joe, Leo, Joshua, Yisa, Wing and Yan. Thank you all for being so supportive during the whole journey.’, said by Stephanie Chu.


We would like to express our gratefulness to Squad Coaches, Team Official and Athletes for the efforts they have paid. The more experience they gain, the better performance they get.


The next JWOC will be held in Romania in 2023.


The Result of junior World Orienteering Championships 2022:


Middle Distance


Chu Ying Yau  43:22

Wong Yi Shan  52:32


Yam Kai Yui Hubert  43:05

Chung Ho Yin      49:11

Au Joshua Ho Kiu   49:15

To Chung Yin       1:11:39



HKG Team 1 2:50:27

Yam Kai Yui Hubert (Leg 1)  – 1:04:21

Chung Ho Yin     (Leg 2)  – 47:26

Au Joshua Ho Kiu  (Leg 3)  – 58:40


HKG Team 2 3:35:52

To Chung Yin  (Leg 1)   – 1:06:16

Chu Ying Yau  (Leg 2)   – 57:53

Wong Yi Shan  (Leg 3)  – 1:31:43


Long Distance


Chu Ying Yau   – 87:41

Wong Yi Shan  – 102:53


Chung Ho Yin        110:08

Yam Kai Yui Hubert   126:20

Au Joshua Ho Kiu    133:43

To Chung Yin        164:07







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