Hong Kong Team Completed The World Games 2022

Hong Kong Team Completed The World Games 2022

Hong Kong Team has completed all the programs in The World Games 2022 (Orienteering) (TWG) in Birmingham, the US. Some athletes will travel to Europe for the next Championships.


Hong Kong Orienteering Team performed well in their first TWG, especially in Sprint events. Although the terrain is relatively simple, the heat (average 34 degrees Celsius) is a real challenge for the athletes.


The team appreciates all supports from radio and social media which are indispensable to motivate themselves during the events.


The next World Games will be held in Chengdu, China in 2025. We look forward to seeing Hong Kong Orienteering Team will become part of them in 2025.


The Result of World Games 2022:



Lam Cho Yu – 19:20

Leung Ka Ki – 20.24



Yu Tsz Wai – 18:51

Li Chun Ho – 19:09


Middle Distance


Lam Cho Yu – 1:03:26

Leung Ka Ki – 1:08:16



Yu Tsz Wai – 58:52

Li Chun Ho – 1:00:17


Mixed Relay – HKG Team: 59:17

Leung Ka Ki – 15:08 (Leg 1)

Yu Tsz Wai – 14:15 (Leg 2)

Li Chun Ho – 14:42 (Leg 3)

Lam Cho Yu – 15:12 (Leg4)







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