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2019.06.19 Training Information (NEW)

Level 1/2 Orienteering Training Course (2019.6)

Course PosterEntry DetailsLevel 1 Registration ListLevel 2 Registration List

2019.06.18 Training Information (NEW)

OAHK Park Orienteering Course (2019.08)

Entry Details, Registration Guidelines (Please note that the venue for course POA-05,06,09,10/19 is set at Tai Po Waterfront Park)

2019.06.12 Training Information (NEW)

Park Orienteering Course and Park Orienteering Competition - LCSD (2019.6-8)

Entry Details (Please note the venue change to courses on 3/8/2019), Registration Guidelines (All Park Orienteering Course Sessions are Full)

2019.03.28 Training Information (NEW)

Feeder Training Programme 2019-2020 (Phase I)

Course Information, Registration List